Monday, 21 March 2011

Bike crash death

A father-of-three has died after his bike collided with a Serco van on an infamous stretch of road between Herne Bay and Canterbury.

The accident happened on Tuesday 15 March at 1.15pm near the entrance to Wildwood Discovery Park.

Leslie Potter, 46 was rushed to hospital with serious injuries and died an hour later. The road was closed for 7 hours while the police investigated the scene. The driver of the van was not injured.

There is no evidence that the accident was caused by speeding, but many people believe that traffic calming measures should be put in place as Tuesdays incident was the second fatal accident on that part of road in the past 4 months.

David Jones, a driving instructor in the area said: “accidents happen along that stretch of road because many people can’t drive, they think that because it’s a 60mph road they can drive at that speed all the time.”

A petition was set up more than 12 years ago to lower the speed limit on that part of road.
Police are appealing for witnesses. Please contact PC Dave Jeeves on 01622 798538 with any information you might have.

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